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Emergency Locksmith Sandwell

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At Dial A Locksmith Sandwell, we’ve built our reputation as the foremost 24-hour emergency locksmith service covering the Sandwell areas. With over a decade of professional experience, we are dedicated to providing honest, upfront, and dependable assistance to our valued clients in Sandwell. When you choose Dial A Locksmith, you’re choosing a team that takes pride in offering comprehensive solutions, a 24-hour emergency locksmith service, and industry-leading advice.

Emergency Locksmith Sandwell

Here’s why Dial A Locksmith is your best choice:

  • Competitive Pricing: In an industry notorious for hidden costs that surprise customers at the last minute, we stand out by offering competitive and transparent pricing. We believe in providing exceptional value for your money.
  • Upfront Quotes: We strive to give you an upfront estimated free quote before attending to your call-outs whenever possible. Our commitment to transparency means no hidden fees, ensuring you know exactly what to expect.
  • 12-Month Guarantee: We back our work with a 12-month guarantee, demonstrating our confidence in the quality of our services and the durability of our solutions.

When you’re in an emergency locksmith situation in Sandwell, Dial A Locksmith is the reliable and professional choice that puts your peace of mind first.


At Locksmith Sandwell, we are committed to providing a swift 24/7 emergency locksmith service that is available every day of the week, around the clock. Our objective is to reach your location within a mere 30 minutes of your call. Trust Sandwell Locksmith to be your reliable partner in times of locksmith emergencies, offering expert solutions to safeguard your property and peace of mind.

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Dial A Locksmith Near me

Our comprehensive emergency locksmith service is designed to address a range of critical issues, including:

  • Emergency Entry: We specialise in providing prompt access to your property in those unfortunate moments when you find yourself locked out.
  • Locksmith Expertise: Our skilled technicians are proficient in handling various types of door and window locks, ensuring a seamless resolution to any lock-related problems.
  • Lock Troubleshooting: We excel in addressing issues with door locks, such as keys becoming stuck, and offer professional door lock repairs, ensuring the security of your premises.
  • Lock Replacement: In the event of broken or damaged locks, we are equipped to efficiently replace them, restoring the safety of your property.
  • Post-Intrusion Security: After a burglary or break-in, we assist in the vital task of re-securing your property by installing, changing, and upgrading door and window locks.

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Dial A Locksmith Emergency Burglary Repairs Sandwell

If your home or property has been broken into, there is an immediate requirement to safeguard your premises.

For most cases of burglary, there will be damage where the burglar forced access through a door or window or even snapped or broke your lock. If your home or company has been broken into, we can assist you in making your property secure again. Burglars regularly cause damage when they gain entry; such damage should be repaired as quickly as possible to ensure your safety and the security of your house or premises.

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Burglary Emergency Repairs Sandwell
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Looking For An Emergency Locksmith in Sandwell?

Our experience will provide you with the security to protect your family, home, and business in today’s growing crime. We are CRB-checked and used by the West Midlands Police across the Midlands. We will secure your residential or commercial property using only British standard-approved products. With 10 years plus experience, Dial A Locksmith Sandwell is a specialist emergency Locksmith service with excellent customer reviews.

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west midlands police DBS vetted


We have 10 years plus of experience to advise and help you decide which lock is best to keep your home secure. An excellent approach to ensure your security is verifying that your front and back doors have BS-3621 locks. Which the British Standards Institute (BSI) uses to create thief-resistant locks. Click on the link below for more information on our high-security, British standard-approved locks.

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Locksmith Walsall
Locksmith Walsall
Locksmith Walsall

Dial A Locksmith Will Require Confirmed Ownership

Ownership must be confirmed before the job begins. Typically, this is done by asking for and examining a valid photo ID, such as a driver’s licence, or by examining a bill that lists the name and address of the property. It’s possible that the service will be declined if you don’t have any identification to show that you are the owner or currently reside there.

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Dial A Locksmith Sandwell


Why is Sandwell Emergency Locksmith a trusted choice?

When it comes to emergency locksmith services in Sandwell, Dial A Locksmith stands out as the trusted choice for all your needs. With a decade of unrivalled expertise, we have earned a solid reputation for delivering reliable and efficient solutions. Our commitment to excellence ensures that we exceed your expectations every time. Whether you find yourself locked out of your home or seeking to enhance your security system, our skilled team is here to provide the professional assistance you need.

At Emergency Dial A Locksmith, we pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service. Our dedicated team is not only proficient in our trade but also understands the importance of going the extra mile to provide a seamless experience. Rest assured, we will respond swiftly to your emergency, aiming to reach your location within 30 minutes. Our goal is to alleviate your stress and concerns by promptly resolving your issue.

No matter the circumstances, we’ve seen it all and can empathise with you. From break-ins to lockouts, count on Dial A Locksmith to handle any situation with utmost care and expertise. Our priority is your peace of mind, and we ensure that your home is secure and protected.

When you choose Dial A Locksmith Sandwell, transparency is our hallmark. We provide upfront pricing with no hidden fees, so you know exactly what to expect. Payment is convenient, accepting cash or credit card upon completion of our work. Your satisfaction is our guarantee, backed by a comprehensive 12-month warranty.

Don’t settle for less when it comes to your security needs. Contact Emergency Dial A Locksmith now for exceptional locksmith services across the Sandwell area. Trust us to be your reliable partner in protecting what matters most.

Can you deliver a non-destructive entry?

With over 10 years of experience behind us, we try every time to get you back into your house and secure your home with as much of a non-destructive entry as possible.  

Contact Dial a Locksmith Sandwell for further information on access solutions and guidance

When would you require a professional Locksmith service?

When considering the circumstances for which using the services of a professional locksmith is required, several key scenarios necessitate the expertise of a local locksmith. One such situation is the need for burglary repairs. In the unfortunate event of a break-in, it is crucial to enlist the assistance of a skilled locksmith to assess and fortify the compromised security measures. Dial A Locksmith, specialises in burglary repairs, we can promptly address vulnerabilities, assisting both residential and commercial properties against future intrusions.

Routine residential and commercial services also warrant the involvement of a professional locksmith. Regular maintenance, lock changes, and security system upgrades should be entrusted to a qualified local locksmith for professional results. Dial A Locksmith possesses the knowledge and tools to enhance the overall security infrastructure, ensuring that your homes and businesses are adequately protected against evolving threats.

In addition to scheduled services,  emergency locksmith situations demand immediate attention from a skilled professional. Whether it’s a lockout scenario, a broken key, or a malfunctioning security system, Dial A Locksmith can swiftly resolve issues, providing peace of mind to clients in distress. Dial A Locksmith focuses on local services, burglary repairs, residential and commercial solutions, and emergency locksmith interventions.

What should we do if we become the victims of a break-in during the night?

If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of a break-in during the night. Your immediate priority should be your safety. Contact West Midlands Police for urgent assistance, and then reach out to a skilled specialist without delay. Don’t panic; Dial A Locksmith is here to help with emergency openings and support, operating 24/7. Covering the Sandwell area, we strive to arrive at your location within 30 minutes of your call, ensuring a swift resolution to your security concerns.

What Is Lock Snapping?

uPVC Doors and Window Locks

The terms “cylinder snapping” and “lock snapping” may be familiar to you. Lock snapping, which takes ZERO skill on the part of the thief, is an extremely popular technique used by burglars to enter a building with a euro cylinder lock. Almost all domestic homes with UPVC doors have Euro lock cylinders that are prone to lock snapping; nevertheless, a sizable proportion of composite and aluminium doors also have them, and they are frequently employed in both commercial and residential settings.

Lock snapping is the process of opening a lock by first breaking the cylinder.
While you may believe that your door is secure because it has multiple locking points, it’s crucial to remember that each one is controlled by the cylinder, which is also its weakest link. If the cylinder is broken, all the locking points become inoperable. A criminal only needs 5–10 seconds to break the lock. Numerous videos on YouTube demonstrate how to snap a lock without any special equipment and with little to no knowledge. Lock snapping is a common method of burglary, thus it’s crucial to know what kind of locks are installed on your property and to replace them if necessary.

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What Locks Should I Have To Comply With My Insurance Policy?

You would usually be asked what kind of locks you have installed on your outside doors and windows when applying for home insurance. If your house doesn’t have the proper locks installed, you risk paying a higher insurance price.
What are the requirements for door locks in terms of insurance? What kinds of door locks are most likely to be accepted by insurance companies?

The Five Lever Mortice Deadlock –

Despite what the name might imply, the five-lever mortice deadlock is a typical door lock style that you’ve probably seen before. If you’re unsure whether the door lock on your door is of this sort, look for a mortice (a type of hole) cut into the wall or door where the lock will be installed. Mortice locks are different from deadlocks in that they are built into the actual wall and can only be opened with a key. Just a keyhole and a bolt make up a deadlock. One of the greatest lock types for insurance purposes is the five-lever mortice deadlock since the more levers a mortice deadlock has, the safer it is.

Key-operated Multi-Point Locking System –

The key-operated multi-point locking system bolts the door into the frame and locks at many points with the turn of a key, providing a high level of security, offering an even better level of security than the five-lever mortice deadlock. Since they are frequently found on uPVC doors, chances are good that you already have a key-operated multi-point locking system installed if you have one. These locks often feature three locking points, which means that when you turn the key, they all lock at once.

Night Latches –

Most insurance companies prefer night latches to be used in addition to one of the other door lock types as an additional security measure when it comes to lock types. These locks are much less secure than a five-lever mortice deadlock or multi-point locking system since they are positioned on the front door rather than morticed into the wall.

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Do You Open Safes?

No, unfortunately, we don’t open safes. If you require safe-related services, we recommend seeking out a specialised safe locksmith who can assist you with your specific needs. At Dial A Locksmith, we specialise in providing a wide range of locksmith services, including emergency lockouts, lock repairs, and replacements for both residential and commercial properties. Our team of professional locksmiths is highly skilled and experienced, ensuring that you receive the highest quality service and peace of mind. Whether you’re locked out of your home or need to upgrade your security system, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today for all your locksmith needs across Sandwell. We’re here to help!

Do You Replace Window Locks Also?

Yes, we also secure, replace and repair window locks on all UPVC and wooden windows. Meeting current British Standards. Along with Emergency Lockouts and Lock Fitting, our services also cover Lock Repairs.

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Do You Replace Door and Window Handles?

We carry with us a stock of most sizes, shapes and coloured handles for both doors and windows, for both wooden and uPVC.

If your emergency is a break-in or your handle has broken from wear and tear over time, the majority of the time we can secure and replace all parts within one visit.

For more info on handle replacements for both doors and windows get in touch

How Will I Be Able To Pay?

We accept cash or credit card payments upon completion of any work. Offering a competitive price in an industry where hidden pricing can be revealed at the last moment. We provide an excellent value-for-money locksmith service that includes all-access solutions, emergency 24-hour service, and security system advice. Wherever possible, our company guarantees NO hidden fees and provides upfront estimated free quotes before attending any call-out. All of our work is backed by a 12-month guarantee.

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Does Your Work Come With A Guarantee?

Rest assured, every job we undertake comes with a comprehensive 12-month guarantee starting from the date of invoicing. As your trusted and reliable local locksmith, boasting over a decade of expertise, we are committed to your security needs. Operating around the clock, seven days a week, we cater to all your residential, emergency, and commercial locksmith requirements throughout the wider Sandwell area.

Can you give me any basic home security tips?

We will start with some of the basic home security tips that we all know but may have become a little complacent with due to not happening to you so far. It may seem like common sense but when you have a busy family and work life these things can often get overlooked.

Making sure that you always lock all doors and windows when you leave the house, never leaving windows open, and making sure you do not have valuables in plain sight for burglars to be tempted are the core safety tips but we will go over many more to make sure house is the safest in the neighbourhood, these small things that we all know, but sometimes just slip our mind.

It is essential to keep your valuables secure and out of sight from potential thieves. There are so many techniques in which you can enhance your home safety without incurring expensive costs.

One of the best tips we can give you on keeping valuables out of sight is to ensure that in lockups, sheds, and other outbuildings you only keep things of low value. If you have an expensive toolkit it would be much better kept under the stairs and instead move some of the unused boxes stored there into the shed. Christmas decorations, old toys, clothes, and things that you rarely use are all perfect to be stored outside of the home.

Keep the things you treasure most in the building that is hardest to gain access to and if they are expensive items don’t show them off in pride of place in your home, under the stairs, in cupboards, and out of sight of the window is the best way to reduce the risk of home intrusion. Being a victim of burglary is very upsetting and we want to make sure that if a thief is peering through your windows they don’t see expensive items lying around.

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Metropolitan Police Crime Prevention advice – Protecting your home from crime.

Metropolitan Police Crime Prevention Advice

Advice and measures to safeguard your home and prevent burglary from the Metropolitan Police

Your home’s security is only as good as its weakest point of entry. That is why it is critical to have as secure doors and windows as possible. Follow our recommendations to keep potential intruders out.

Whether you live in a flat or a house, the level of security surrounding your home is always obvious by your front door. If it appears to be extremely secure and burglar-resistant, they will reconsider attempting to gain entry.

A Master Locksmiths Association professional can examine your door to ensure it is secure. The locksmith can also strengthen the frame and ensure that the locks and hinges meet British Standards.

Door Security

  • Sliding patio doors are prone to forced entry, so make sure yours has an anti-lift system installed to prevent them from being pushed out of the frame.
  • Some uPVC doors have locks that protrude from the frame on the exterior (known as euro profile locks). If yours does, request that a locksmith replace the lock with a shorter one that cannot be snapped off.
  • If your door has a letterbox, a guard installed on the back of the door will prevent anyone from reaching in with a stick and a hook to fish for nearby objects such as a handbag or keys, which should never be stored near exterior doors. Consider cat and dog flaps as well.
  • Windows can be strengthened by introducing laminated panels or using special films.
  • Spy holes and security chains are recommended to identify visitors before opening the door.
  • Every time you leave your house, remember to use both locks and double-check that the mortice lock is locked.
  • A double-locking night latch provides further security and peace of mind.
  • Door bars, such as a London or Birmingham Bar, considerably reinforce the doorframe and give excellent protection against anyone attempting to force open or kick down a door.
  • A lock guard accomplishes exactly that; it protects the keyhole and locks from tampering and serves as a strong deterrent.

Additional guidance

When installing a new door, always use security-accredited goods that have been tested to British standards and are approved by the insurance sector. Ask your locksmith about the PAS 24 2022 standard.

If you are a building manager in charge of apartments within larger buildings (for example, apartment complexes), you should be aware of current fire safety rules before making any changes to the front doors.

Window Security

Burglars favour windows to doors because they offer easier access. Examine how your windows appear from the outside, removing potential entry points when possible.

Is there anything like walls, bins, or garden equipment that could be used to reach the windows? See our ideas below for windows that are within reach, such as those on the ground floor.

  • For the ground floor and accessible windows, laminated glass or security film is recommended.
  • Sash stops prevent others from opening the sash window far enough to crawl through.
  • Keyed locks are advised for windows that open outward rather than upward, as well as any ground floor or accessible windows. Remember that window locks are only effective if they are used, so double-check that you have locked them before leaving the house or going to bed.
  • Window opening restrictors allow you to ventilate your home while also preventing them from being picked and unlocked from the outside.

Additional guidance

Ladders have been used by burglars to gain access to upper windows that appear to be unsecured. This is done to bypass the lower floor’s intruder alarm sensors. These ladders are either found in the suspect’s garden or carried with him. Make sure that upper-floor windows have locks or sash stops. You should also increase the scope of any alarm sensors to upper rooms.

When replacing your windows, always choose a security-accredited product that has been tested to British standards and is insurance-approved. PAS 24 2022 is an excellent standard.

A Master Locksmiths Association member can recommend a suitable standard of window lock and provide advice on improving window security.

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What areas do Emergency Locksmith Sandwell cover near me?

Sandwell Areas Covered for Emergency Locksmith Services:

Balls Hill, Bearwood, Black Lake, Black Patch, Bloomfield, Brades Village, Brandhall, Brickhouse Farm, Bristnall Fields, Burnt Tree, Causeway Green, Charlemont, Cherry Orchard, Church Hill, Churchfield, Cock Green, Cradley Heath, The Cronefields, Darby’s Hill, Dudley Port, Fallings Heath, Friar Park, Golds Green, Grace Mary Estate, Great Barr, Great Bridge, Greets Green, Grove Vale, Guns Village, Haden Cross, Hall End, Hall Green, Hampstead, Harvills Hawthorn, Hateley Heath, Hill Top, Horsley Heath King’s Hill, Lambert’s End, Langley, Langley Green, Londonderry, Lyndon, Mayers Green, Mesty Croft, Mouse Sweet, Newton, New Town, Oakham, Ocker Hill, Oldbury, Old Hill, Portway, Princes End, Rood End, Round’s Green, Rowley RegisSandwellSmethwick, Soho, Springfield, Stone Cross, Summer Hill, Swan Village, Tat Bank, The Knowle, Tibbington, Tippity Green, Tipton, Tipton GreenTitford, Tividale, Tividale Hall, Toll End, Turner’s Hill, Vicarage, Wednesbury, Warley Woods, Wednesbury, Wednesbury Oak, West Bromwich, West Smethwick, Whiteheath Gate, Wood Green, Wednesbury, The Woods, Yew Tree

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